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Levi Jonny's

Home Page

I, Levi Jonny aka Jonathan Erik Brandon, happily welcome you to my personal home page.    I hope you enjoy it!      I've added some photos of me and maybe later I'll include a short autobiography.     I've started coding a book that I'm writing and posting it here.    Please check out The Sorcerer's Scribe.
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          I am especially interested in dogs (dachshunds, Dalmatians & Parson Russell terriers [known until April 1, 2003, as Jack Russell terriers] in particular).    Science fiction and fantasy intrigue me and I love to play unusual characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® type role-playing games.    Of course, man-watching is also a favorite hobby.    Living in a conservative rural area, I rarely get a chance to be myself.    My favorite wild animals include aardvarks, echidnas, giant anteaters and pangolins.    I enjoy corresponding with new (and old) friends, so feel welcome to .
Levi Jonny's website is moving to our own domain.    New features are coming soon.    Check it out at http://www.j501.net.
          Currently I am single, unattached and looking.    If you think you might be interested in a date with me, check out my profile on GayDar or write to me at levijonny@hotmail.com.
division---not multiplication
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